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Rider specific Strength and Conditioning

Best ever pre-season strength and conditioning program for Snocross, Ice Oval, Cross Country and Motocross.  It’s about time that rider’s be trained to avoid injuries, conditioned to dominate throughout a race and be strong enough to force the positioning of their machine on and off the track and snow. Utilization of state of the art facilities, equipment and the Podium Slayer program provide riders a tangible change at strength and conditioning levels that are superior to anything previously offered.

-Age appropriate strength and conditioning designed and run by professional staff

-Multiple levels allowing for cost and availability considerations

-Multi week programs, partial or full preseason available

-In season monthly testing and maintenance workouts provided

-Build superior strength “pound for pound”

-Rider injury prevention

-Hands, arms and shoulder conditioning

-Begin season at optimal BMI

-Develop higher level of commitment to task

Philosophy of Get Fast’s Podium Slayer Program

Combine a sport specific angle called the Podium Slayer with a well thought out personalized strength and conditioning program which includes, advanced knee development, core strength, joint stability, VO2 max testing and body mass index (BMI)

For specific questions Owner/Master Trainer Dave Dever mobile 630-918-9928