Football Development Programs

Football Development Programs At Get Fast Sports Performance

By improving sprint mechanics, agility and overall strength, we place a football player back on the field prepared for much greater success than the previous year.  Face it: Speed and footwork count more than ever in football, and at Get Fast sports performance training center, we have been perfecting the development of football players since 1993 — using position-specific strategies, to boot.

Through the use of specialized strength and speed equipment, analytical movement assessments and mental tenacity training, we are able to pre-test players into our football training system and post-test them with significant gains in strength, power and speed. No matter the position, our players exit training and begin their seasons playing at absolute peak performance levels.

Think about how much a wide receiver benefits by having just a one-step advantage on a defensive back, or how a running back who hits a hole quickly finds much more daylight. Envision a quarterback scrambling away from a sure sack because he was a little quicker than that blitzing linebacker. On the defensive side, broken tackles don’t occur when players are strong enough to keep an opponent wrapped up after initial contact.

These significantly boosted athletic abilities achieved through football training at Get Fast are accompanied by a reduced risk of injury as well.

Get Fast Sports Performance is located in Willowbrook Illinois, and we work with players from age 8 through the professional level.

Unique Training Assets

At Get Fast sports performance training centers, high-speed treadmills are used in both forward and reverse capacities, eliciting the highest-possible level of neuromuscular responses related to recruiting fast-twitch muscle fiber. In these ideal conditions, sport-specific energy systems are developed at aggressively higher levels of performance than any other training can provide.

With field turf, weight rooms, straight track and agility training areas that cover 24,000 square feet, Get Fast offers programs specifically for offensive players — focusing on linear football speed, dynamic cutting ability, first-step quickness and overall elusiveness. On the defensive side, the focus is on step-for-step lockdown capability, superior closing speed and punishing force to finish tackles.

Our tested, proven and guaranteed position-specific training protocols for football development allow us to focus on every position on the field, no matter whether you’re on the offensive line, a defensive back, quarterback, wide receiver or linebacker.

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Get Fast has a proven history of training hundreds of players at every position on the field with unprecedented levels of success. Start today and TURN YOUR BODY INTO A WEAPON.