Basketball Development Programs

Basketball Development Programs

Basketball Development Programs At Get Fast Sports Performance

There’s something special about the frenzied final minutes of a close basketball game. The crowd is captivated, defense is dialed up, and the line between heroics and heartbreak is a thin one. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing comes down to being able to reach new heights — literally — by leaping to grab a rebound, block a shot or win a jump ball.

At Get Fast sports performance training centers, we recognize that a basketball training program that includes off-the-court exercises can improve your jumping ability or provide the explosive first-step quickness that can translate to a driving, game-winning layup.
Whether you are a beginner or youth, a high school player or a college athlete looking for ways to stay in shape and do basketball weight training in the offseason, you should know that Get Fast sports performance training centers have been perfecting the development of basketball players since 1993.

Basketball Training Equipment

Get Fast’s basketball trainers will design basketball workouts that show you how to increase your vertical jump, add quickness, and gain strength for blocking out and posting up. Basketball conditioning is different than that for many other sports, because the game is played in multiple quick bursts of sprinting up and down the court. Bringing your game to the next level means improving your speed, agility, strength, coordination and endurance.

Through the use of specialized strength and speed equipment, analytical movement assessments and mental tenacity training, we are able to test basketball players into our system and post-test them out with significant gains in strength, power and speed. Our players exit basketball training able to begin their seasons at absolute peak performance levels and with a better chance to avoid injuries.

A strength and conditioning coach and state-of-the-art equipment are a winning combination for basketball strength training. At Get Fast, our facilities include:

  • High-speed treadmills that are used in both forward and reverse capacities, eliciting the highest possible level of neuromuscular responses related to recruiting fast-twitch muscle fiber. In these ideal conditions, sport-specific energy systems are developed at aggressively higher levels of performance than any other training can provide.
  • 24,000 square feet of field turf, a weight room, straight track, and agility training areas to focus on dynamic cutting ability, first-step quickness, an explosive vertical jump, and other overall improvements required to be highly successful on the basketball court.

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Our tested, proven and guaranteed position-specific training protocols allow us to focus on improving your athletic ability whether you are a guard, forward or center. Get Fast has a proven history of training hundreds of basketball players and other athletes with unprecedented levels of success. We work with athletes from age 7 up through the professional ranks, and we have locations in St. Charles and Willowbrook — convenient for serving the entire Chicago area.

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