Adult Programs

Is it possible to…

-Reach your genetic maximum potential in less than 6 months?
-Lose fat while eating as much as you want?
-Add 15 pounds of muscle in 30 days?

The answer is YES. And much more.

Get Fast Inc is a culmination of 21 years of research, both in the lab and on the field, spanning youth, professional and adult athletes. Our knowledgeable staff will teach you to…

-Melt fat WITHOUT endless treadmill running and calorie counting
-Add massive weights to your lifts in 6 months
-Strengthen your core to avoid increasing aches and pains
-Avoid fat gain while eating out or bingeing at family gatherings
-Reverse “permanent” injuries

1:1 Personal Training

Steal a staff member for the hour. Work your way through the most effective ways to meet your goals. Strength train, fix your low back pain, eat to shed fat, burn off that winter weight. Your goals at your pace -as long as your pace is fast enough 😉

Adult Bootcamps

Join like-minded adults to burn calories, strengthen your core and mobilize your joints in a fun, competitive atmosphere.

Group Weight Lifting

Join the “athlete” crowd to energize your body and make some gains! Technique is still the most important aspect here, but prior weight room knowledge is a plus for this group (it shouldn’t be the first time you’ve seen a squat rack).