Baseball Development Programs

Baseball Development Programs With Get Fast Sports Performance

To be a great all-around baseball player is to possess speed, a strong arm, a quick bat with power. At Get Fast sports performance training centers, we don’t think we’re “off base” in claiming that baseball players are among the most versatile athletes.

When you want to push your game to the next level, you should know that Get Fast has been perfecting the development of baseball players since 1993. At our location in Willowbrook, Illinois, we work with athletes from throughout the Chicago area, from age 8 all the way into the professional ranks.

We pretest baseball players into our system, and through the use of specialized strength and speed equipment, plus analytical movement assessments and mental tenacity training, we are able to post-test them out with significant gains in strength, power and speed. No matter what position they play, our athletes exit baseball training able to begin their season at absolute peak performance levels. With significantly boosted athletic abilities, these athletes also have a better chance to avoid injuries.

Our Starting Lineup (of Equipment)

The diamond is a great place to display your skills, but it’s not where all baseball development work is done. Strength, speed and overall athleticism must be part of the package. To that end, our facilities at Get Fast include:

  • High-speed treadmills, which are used in both forward and reverse capacities. This elicits the highest possible level of neuromuscular responses related to recruiting fast-twitch muscle fiber. In these ideal conditions, sport-specific energy systems are developed at aggressively higher performance levels than any other training can provide.
    • 24,000 square feet of field turf, weight room equipment, straight track and agility training areas. With our softball training program, we thus can focus on specific parts of your game. For defensive purposes, for instance, we’ll improve your dynamic lateral fielding capabilities and first-step quickness so you can own the part of the field that your position is expected to cover. To increase your offensive potential, the focus is on improved bat speed, power, and explosive speed to steal bases and score runs.

Training Is Always in Season

Our tested, proven and guaranteed position-specific baseball training protocols allow us to focus on helping you at your position. And, with a diverse set of baseball drills and speed workouts, the professional trainers at Get Fast are excited to get you in tip-top shape for the upcoming season. Whether you’re an outfielder or a shortstop, you’ll never fall short of making a great play.

Get Fast has a proven history of training hundreds of players at every position on the field — and in the batter’s box and on the bases — with unprecedented levels of success. Start today and TURN YOUR BODY INTO A WEAPON.