Hockey Development Programs

Hockey Development Programs

Hockey Development Programs At Get Fast Sports Performance

Hockey can be graceful or gritty. One minute, a player is flowing up the ice, demonstrating skating speed and stickhandling artistry; and the next, he or she is getting checked or bumped into the boards. Either way, it takes great athleticism — both strength and body control — to excel.

At Get Fast sports performance training centers, we have been perfecting the development of hockey players since 1993. We don’t think there’s anything hokey about hockey training. In fact, an off-ice hockey training program that includes dryland hockey drills is essential to supplement practicing at the rink.

We provide off-ice hockey training, including goalie training, for beginners, youth hockey, high school players and even college athletes looking to stay in shape during the offseason.

Hockey Dryland Training

Few if any hockey strength-training and core-building exercises can be done optimally on the ice, yet they are important in this physically demanding sport. Thanks to off-ice hockey workouts that include the use of specialized strength and speed equipment, analytical movement assessments and mental tenacity training, we are able to test hockey players into our system, and post-test them out showing significant strength, power and speed gains.

No matter the position, our players exit our dryland hockey training program able to begin their seasons at absolute peak performance levels — and with a better chance to avoid injuries.

Why Get Fast for Hockey Dryland Training Drills?

At Get Fast sports performance training centers, our facilities include:

  • 24,000 square feet of field turf, a weight room, straight track and agility training areas. These spaces are set up to focus on first-step quickness, single leg power development, increased core strength, increased multiplane proprioception, overall mental toughness and increased coordination.
Get Started at Get Fast

When it comes to hockey training, it’s important to “stick” to it beyond your ice time. Just think about how a stronger core could help you crank up your slap shot, for instance.
At our locations in St. Charles and Willowbrook, we work with hockey players and other athletes from throughout the Chicago area, from age 7 all the way into the professional ranks. Our tested, proven and guaranteed position-specific training protocols allow us to focus your efforts on improving at your position, whether you are a center, forward, goaltender or defenseman.

Get Fast has a proven history of training hundreds of athletes with unprecedented levels of success. Start today and TURN YOUR BODY INTO A WEAPON.